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Numerator University: The Nu Ad Intel Experience

We are delivering an enhanced user experience across the Ad Intel Solution in 2021. Attend this introductory course if you are familiar with Legacy Search to learn about the following:

*Updated main menu and navigation across the solution

*New and updated features to search for creatives in the Dashboard

*Enhanced Ad Alerts from the Dashboard

*New Module called Ad Intel Library to search for out of access ads

Numerator Ad Intel University 102 Intro to Dashboard Insights

For this course, we are going to dive deeper into the newly enhanced Ad Intel dashboard capabilities, including connecting ad spend with the ad creatives.

Business Questions Answered:

  • How can I connect my creative strategy with execution in the marketplace?

  • How much are my competitors spending?

  • What media types are my competitors most active?

Numerator Ad Intel University 201 Reporting & Insights

In this webinar we cover the reporting module within the Ad Intel solution and the capabilities you have in the offline reports. You will learn how to use the Reports Module in the platform to understand share of voice, change in spend and identify spending trends in your competitive set.

Business Questions Answered:

  • Have my competitor’s spend increased or decreased compared to last month/last year?

  • What products did they contribute the most spend to this year?

  • Where am I seeing trends in their spending?

  • How much are my competitors spending in a specific market(s)?

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