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Getting Schooled on Back to Learning

Original Air Date: August 27th 2020

Better understand the shifts occurring during this year’s Back to School season by analyzing changes in strategy, assortment, and shopper intentions by connecting Numerator Promotions Intel, Numerator Ad Intel, Numerator Pricing Intel, and Numerator Insights data.

In this webinar, you will be provided examples on how you can combine valuable insights from the Promotions Intel, Ad Intel, Pricing Intel, and Insights solutions. The webinar will focus on:

  1. Shifts in Back to School promotions and advertisements compared to last year.

  2. A deep dive into electronics categories in BTS strategies

Numerator Connect

Super Bowl Advertising Insights

Original Air Date: January 30th 2020

In the Super Bowl edition we connected Numerator Insights (shopper behavior) and Ad Intel data to answer a variety of simple business questions.

  • How did households differ between the two competing teams - New England vs Los Angeles?

  • What categories had the most potential to grow because of Super Bowl?

  • How did shopping behaviors change pre-event and post-event?

  • Who won between ABI's Bud Light and Bon & Viv brands based on their 2019 Super Bowl Investment?

  • How did a few new advertiser to the Super Bowl perform in 2019?

  • What are our recommendations for improvement in 2020?

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